Update – 10th week

What a mess holidays make on spiritual practice!

The amount and regularity of Tummo practice was indeed reduced during the last month and a half due to traveling, holidays, commitments and other worldly excuses.

However! there still was some Tummo going on, just not as much and more irregularly…

Comments on the practice:

Things are generally as they were before. It gets easier to do, but there still is some nastiness to the technique that pushes one out of practice every single day around the 20-30 minutes into the session. Probably has to do with the fact that breath is held for 1.5 minutes to 2 minutes, and one’s mind creates something to keep you from dying (just guessing) ?.

We’ve noticed a bit of a change in relationship towards things in daily life. Now things tend to be more sensual, more things are nice, music feels more emotional than ever and stuff like that. The bad side of that is that there are also some big changes in mood (a few days everything is great, a few days then nothing feels good). Many people comment on these things when practising Kundalini Yoga and other energy systems.

Now back to regular practice!

Happy new year and talk soon