The Experiment (and background)

  • The Experiment

Here is the format of the general experiment:
The experiment will last at least 4 months (the myth is that in about 6 weeks the magic happens, we are adding 12 additional weeks). During those months Tummo will be practiced daily, starting with a 30 minutes daily session and progressing into a 1 hour session in a few weeks. A daily record will be kept and every few weeks (or whatever makes sense at the time) we will write a post summarizing results and observations like side effects and technical issues.
The length of the experiment is, of course, subject to change (for example under the event of us achieving full Enlightenment half way through the first formal session).

For this to be a decent experiment, we should explain the details of the techniques done. We might be practicing incorrectly, and knowing it would be key to assess the outcomes of our practice. However, we will wait a little bit to talk about (in painful detail if we manage to) the exact techniques we used in the hope that we will be more able to evaluate the consequences of our acts.

  • Reminder

Of course we realize that we  will be breaking Samaya (secrecy bows), if you’re wondering about our position on that topic, take a look at this post.

Nothing done here is out of disrespect for the Tibetan Buddhist schools. We are implementing a wish to be realistic and initiate a useful conversation. Realistic because, as explained in that previous post, one can learn Tummo on-line or in books already. Thus, secrecy bows in this case don’t serve a purpose anymore. Having people practicing powerful stuff and then not being able to talk about it in public seems to be a less than ideal situation. Perhaps we are erring in our initiative, but hopefully we’ll find out soon enough.

  • Our Tummo-related Background

Most of our  background is in Buddhism. Particularly Theravada, although in the last few years we have read and practiced more Tibetan Buddhism than anything else, including Mahamudra, Chenrezig pujas and some work with other Tibetan deities.

We have been dabbling for quite a few years with different types of energy work, never really getting any decent results. Knowing there had to be a way to activate this stuff, we found out about a very rough technique for energy work, called Tummo. We found a few different places to learn the technique from (books, webs and forums). After a while we found out there were a few Lamas that were teaching Tummo openly during retreats (other than the traditional 3 year long retreat) so we joined one of them. We will not disclose the name of the Lama since it really does not add much to the discussion.

Funnily enough, what we learned on-line and books was essentially the same we learned from the Lama. With the Lama, however, we learned more side techniques to help the main technique get going, we had someone in front of us actually doing it, we got some feedback, and we had much more fun than reading a forum. But nothing we couldn’t live without, as far as we currently understand.

In total we have been practicing Tummo irregularly for about a year. We are nothing but beginners here and we (hope) are ready to do some serious and regular practice.

Also, we haven’t fully performed the traditional preliminary practices of Ngondro. It should also be added that we do not have any of the formal empowerments traditionally associated with Tummo. We will soon discuss the place preliminary practices take traditionally in Tibetan Buddhism and why we have not done them or intend to do them. This also makes it for an interesting test, i.e. to see if one can achieve anything without having a formal empowerment and without having done the formal Ngondro practices.

This is it for now, we are very happy and thankful for the huge response we have had, and we hope our project is useful to all of you.
Talk again soon!


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