Secrecy Vows… or Not

In this post we will let you know our (questionable) opinion about secrecy vows.

  • Tibetans didn’t have Google

The fact is that today you can find how to do Tummo and other powerful practises very easily on the internet or in books. People practice them in their homes. We think that not being able to discuss these things in public doesn’t serve a purpose anymore. In fact it’s probably more damaging than anything else.
It’s a bit like drugs. People are going to take them anyway, but if there is clear information on what effects they have, how to do them well, and why it might or it might not be a good idea to do them, probably more people would use them more consciously.

We think it can be very positive to show and discuss the effects that these techniques have on us, be them better or worse, as we practice and our own understanding grows.

  • Tummo in other traditions

Also, Tummo is just a funny name for something that you can learn under other names in other yogic traditions in which you don’t need to take vows – or not anymore, anyway.

What is also funny is that, unlike within Tibetan Buddhism, the preliminary practices to Tummo-like practices in those other traditions don’t imply many years of endless service to your Lama and a decade of prostations and mandala offerings etc. (that’s not to say that they aren’t good and useful, but not necessary to progress)… but that’s a discussion for another post.

However, we suggest that people interested in Tummo learn and practice Tummo under a qualified teacher, and not from written instructions alone.

In conclusion – it seems to us that living in the times we live, it only makes sense to approach this information in a different way if we want to be more realistic and helpful. But we may be wrong.

Please feel free to leave comments here or e-mail us at tummoexperiment at gmail dot com

Talk to you again soon.


5 thoughts on “Secrecy Vows… or Not

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  2. After 13 generations, it was Je Tsongkhapa who really started writing about Inner Fire because they were meant to be kept secret but Tilopa made allowance after this period. But there are many reasons for keeping such things secret:

    1. People can easily misunderstand
    2. Delusions and obstacles arise easily because in sharing information on practices such as this, ones motivation should be impeccable, this protects both author and reader from unseen interferences.
    3. Highest Yoga Tantra is Buddha’s ultimate intention and great respect should be shown. Having it easily burns up a lot of positive karma that has taking aeons to build up. Without the proper foundations or respect to see it through would be dangerous to spiritual practice to say the least. A proper foundation should be aquired beforehand.
    4. The emphasis on oral teachings and guru disciple relationship is a great value and many realizations are transmitted this way. To get things from the net so easily could detract people from seeking realized masters and send them off on a karmic trajectory towards even greater problems.

    Generally though, I think your experiment is a great idea. That’s not to say that we should divulge everything about our own practices. I love your thinking here but consideration needs to be taken.

    • Hello Realkadampa, first of all thanks for your comment!

      I think it is great that we can talk about this things, isn’t it?

      If you are interested, I can tell you what I think about those 4 points that you just mentioned:
      1. That is why we need good discussions instead of obscure forum posts!
      2. Generally, I think people freak out too much and are too careful with these things. To start of with, most people just don’t care about what we do. You can go and tell your uncle “hey I’m doing some secret practices that will blow your mind and generate incredible bliss and make you awaken”, and if you are lucky he will say “oh thats fab!”, otherwise, and most often, he’ll think you’re nuts. As I read somewhere ‘only you and your weird friends care about it’. That’s my experience anymway. In fact, most people interested in these type of practices have good intentions, namely: to awaken!
      3. As for foundations, we will discuss (hopefully soon, sorry for this we’ve been delaying that post for a while now!) how other traditions that use almost identical techniques to tummo have completely different prelimiary practices to Tummo. I don’t think you should present Tummo to somebody in his/her first ever Buddhism lesson, but I honestly don’t think you need to go through 10 years of prayers to be able to get benefits from Tummo. One has to be able to calibrate what is going on in his/her practise. If you play with fire you can get burned (pun intended!), but that’s why you don’t have to jump into the fire, you can just get your hand a little close and see when it is warm enough and keep on going slowly!
      As for respect, again, most people who actually practice is because they are sincere and want to gain insight into reality, and as such they respect the masters by default! They are trying to follow their steps after all! Perhaps in a different way than in Tibet or India, but that’s just a cultural thing. Bad example: you don’t need to bow to show respect.
      4. For what I can tell from my own tendencies and those of the people around me, learning a bit (or a lot) online or books almost always drives people to look for people that now more than themselves, even if it is through skype lessons or conversations etc. I know people who have gone a *long* way in their path with skype lessons with teachers and e-mail conversations! How cool is that!

      Thanks again for your comment!

  3. Hi,

    I absolutely praise anyone with a genuine desire to practice Inner Fire!
    And, I understand your points, I hear you. In some respects I kind of agree but there is way more to it that at present is impossible to understand. But I get what you mean, I too have thought these things in the past: As you have seen on my own blog, there is a dedicated Inner Fire blog which is available to those empowered and initiated into such practices.

    The thing is that these practices will bring results extremely quickly because their objects are internal. You don’t even need to be Buddhist or have great meditative skill. But their fruits will be totally different in contrast to the Highest Yoga Tantric paths of Inner Fire. Worldly effects will arise from paths that are not empowered Highest Yogic paths. Even people who are initiated into such practices can still cause worldly effects/fruits but for the person looking to attain a state of no more learning, they need Tantric vows (inner decisions that their mind follows) and a suitable foundation of Lamrim practice so that they cease making this precious practice a worldly path, thus actually destroying their real goal (attaining the awakened state).

    This being said, some Lama’s give beginners teachings to inspire students to follow the higher paths. Lama Yeshe has certainly done this.

    They want people to experience not ordinary, worldly pleasures, they want students to attain extraordinary paths and experiences.

    That’s not to detract from the usefulness or intentions of this site. I genuinely wish you all the best in the experiment. I am interested to see how you get on šŸ™‚

    All the best

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