The Tummo Experiment project

Welcome to The Tummo Experiment project.

Why Tummo? Many teachers and practitioners during hundreds of years have claimed that Tummo is one of the most powerful spiritual techniques for awakening. That alone is a good enough reason for us to explore it to the best of our abilities.

In this project will aim to start an honest conversation about a much mystified technique.

In order to do that, we will include

  • An ongoing set of journal-like posts describing the practice and results of our own practice of Tummo.
  • Some essays that will explore and discuss the context in which Tummo is traditionally practiced.

The real blog will start in the coming weeks, as there’s plenty to organise yet. Feel free to follow us in Tweeter @TummoExperiment if you want to be kept informed about our little project!

In the meantime, we’ll leave you to enjoy the following quote:

Gampopa told Milarepa that he had such deep samadhi meditation that he could meditate for many days without distraction or sluggieshness. Milarepa simply laughed and said, “I’m not impressed by that! Dear son, there is no comparison between my tummo short a and your indestructible samadhi meditation. I don’t know why you’re so proud of it. You cannot get olive oil by squeezing sand. My inner fire meditation is incomparable.” page 132, The Bliss of Inne Fire, bye Lama Thubten Yeshe


6 thoughts on “The Tummo Experiment project

    • Thanks for your comments Kim!

      Hopefully your questions wil be answered at more length in the next few posts. But before that, a quick answer:
      Background – practicing and investigating Buddhism as well as some other awakening traditions for quite a few years. What matters most to us however is the practice side, not so much the dogma and the cultural side of traditions.
      Experience – related to Tummo, first a friend with plenty of experience within a vajrayana tradition taught us some tsa lung and the main technique of Tummo and background theory. A few months after that we learned pretty much the same thing from a qualified Lama. We have practiced for a few months, but not very intensely, which we will start doing now along with this blog as a journal.

      Best wishes and thanks again!

  1. Ok I’m going to be the samaya stickler guy.
    Receiving a practice like tummo involves a vow of secrecy, so ideally one should be circumspect in describing the actual practice, at the very least one should caution readers not to try to practice it without receiving transmission.

    I apologize for perhaps coming across as censorious, & maybe you were planning to keep samaya anyway, but I was taught that it’s very important to be careful about these matters.

  2. Hey, I was looking for something like this for a long time. Thanks a lot for this. And, I would love to attend something like(related to any buddhist meditation practice) this in future.
    Could you tell me where you guys carry out such practices?


    • Appart from the time when I learned the practice, I only practice this at home I’m affraid.

      Within a Buddhist context I think you will only find this kind of practice in the Tibetan tradition. For a more DIY approach I suggest you study and practice the stuff by Yogani (AYP) while you also study and practice Mahamudra or Dzogchen meditation (a great book is Mind at Ease by Traleg Kyabgon). They complement each other quite nicely I think.

      Any comments please let me know!

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