First Week

The first week has gone by, it is time for a post!

  • Sessions

Daily sessions were of 15-25 minutes, each of which started with some prayers: 1. offering whatever bliss was generated to the Buddhas and Boddhisattvas. 2. 108 recitations of the Vajrasattva (short) mantra. One is meant to do this 100.000 times (with the long version of the mantra) as part of the preliminary practices (Ngondro), which is done for purification. We’ll talk more about this soon, when we get around to it!

After this, some Tsa Lung to get warmed up and start the burning process, followed by Tummo. In very short, the Tsa Lung and Tummo techniques we learned imply some body movements, long breath retentions, holding certain muscles and simple visualizations. We say this here so that the following comments make more sense, but we will probably be talking about the particular techniques sometime soon.

As a reminder, we should say that we are not starting from total zero. We are indeed beginners, but we have practised for some months, even if irregularly. Thanks to that the technique feels more or less confortable and has settled in us somewhat.

  • Highlights

Having said this, here are the highlights of this week’s practice:

During the first bunch of times practicing Tummo a lot of heat arose. It was uncomfortable, almost burning to the skin, and produced sweating. After some sessions, that heat became a nice and confortable warmth. Now that warmth is produced very quickly after the start of practicing (there are not any practices by which one would normale generaty heat like jumping or moving around). However, just as quickly as that warmth arises it goes away after the session is finished.

After a few breath retentions air starts to flow through both nostrils equally and easily. This is one of the traditional signs that the winds are entering  the central channel.

Also, after each breath retention one is in a very clean and spaceus state of mind, which lasts for a few minutes.

During and after retentions there is a general feeling of mild bliss in the whole body. It isn’t strong or localised, but it is noticable. Sometimes also currents of nice energy travel up the spine, feeling almost like shivers.

Most funnily, peeing is becoming a rather pleasurable activity, producing more bliss currents that travel up through the spine. Who would have thought?!

  • Interesting things that happened only once:

During a session, and towards the end of each retention,  there was a feeling of connection by pressure of the head with the buttocks.

On another session, and during one Tsa Lung exercise which works with the heart chakra, it felt like the heart chakra area started to buzz and radiate energy.

This is it for now! Comments, questions and/or suggestions please feel free to do them here or e-mail us, as usual.

Thanks, and talk again soon.