4 Months are up!

Hello readers,

well, the 4 months are up. What can we say? we’re not enlightened yet. Sorry to disappoint you!

We can say then that, in our experience, the 6 week magical period is not true (clearly, since 12 weeks were not enough either). However, the maximum time for a day’s practice was 45 minutes, whereas, knowing how Tibetans work, the rumor of the 6 week is probably founded on 10 hours of daily practice.

What else have we found that is of general interest?

Yes, Tummo makes you feel hot, some people are interested in Tummo for the heat. It made us feel quite hot. Too hot at times. But doing Tummo only for the heat might not be the best idea.

As said in previous posts, Tummo has indeed stirred up some energy. Specially up to the chest. The feeling of the heart glowing has been taking place often, and always bringing along a sense of compassion towards everything/everyone. Funnily enough always outside of the formal practice sessions.

During meditation sessions one has been able to, sometimes, ‘switch on’ to a state of quiet bliss, always accompanied by the tendency of the eyes to go up and towards the eyebrow (another common kundalini effect).

Also, as a very subjective opinion, it feels like Tummo doesn’t stand too well as a unique practice (even if including some Trul Khor/Tsa Lung exercises). For that reason we will start to incorporate (not substitute) into our formal practice other exercises from other similar yogic traditions, hopefully contributing to a more round routine.

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